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What about swinej? It's pronounced swine-jay, and I guess it's my nickname, which came from my email address out of necessity, just a weird word that stuck.

I started making jewellery about five years ago after asking a friend a lot of questions (Thanks BJ!). As you can see some of my jewellery is pretty basic, some almost unfinished looking, and others more detailed.

I use lots of yellow bronze for its low cost, and the initial shiny polish gives way to a cool old look, like you've had it forever. Silver is also readily available, and more precious metals by special request. If you don't see your size listed, let me know, these are the sizes I've made and added as required.

I get asked about custom work and usually say no, but it doesn't hurt to ask...maybe...it really depends on the idea and what other projects I have on the go.

And patches are kinda fun, so there's a couple on there.

Thanks for having a look.